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In less than three weeks one of the coffee world's most prestigious events will take place in Rimini, on the east coast of Italy. 'World of Coffee 2014' takes place from the 10th - 12th June at Rimini Expo Centre and all the big names in coffee will be there. The event is host to three major coffee competitions, so let's take time to find out a little more about them...

The World Barista Championship, which took place in Melbourne last year, returns to Europe for its fifteenth annual gathering. Barista competitions have been going on in nations across the globe as the top men and women of the profession seek to represent their country in Italy. We reported on the results last year when American, Pete Licata, secured the ultimate recognition for his skills. The Italian entrant was in sixth place. Will being on home soil help an Italian to secure the top prize this year? We'll be sure to let you know once the results are in.

The World Brewers Cup competition seeks out the very best in filter coffee hand brewing. Competitors use whole bean coffee and simultaneously deliver a presentation to the panel of judges about their chosen coffee and technique. Last year's competition was also won by an American, Erin McCarthy, who has worked in the speciality coffee industry since 2004.

Finally, there's the World Coffee Roasting Championship, which was held for the very first time in Nice last June and was won by Japan's Naoki Goto. Contenders will have to pull out all the stops as they size up the quality and potential of the green coffee beans they're given, and then work on a roasting profile that maximises the coffee's characteristics.

Next week, in the build up to the event, we'll take a look at the seaside resort of Rimini itself.

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