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World leader in the sector, Eden Springs (trading as Kafevend) was established in 2000.  Since then the company has established itself as a leading company in the beverage sector, offering water and coffee solutions to more than 600,000 offices and 200,000 homes across Europe.

With a network of delegations and natural springs in 18 countries, Eden bottles and distributes more than 800 million litres of water annually and serves more than half a million customers with water and coffee solutions.

Environment and Climate Change Matter

Our values and objectives reflect our essence

Our values and objectives reflect our essence and our aspirations for the future:

We Care
We care about our fellow employees, our customers and our business partners with whom we aim to build trusting and lasting relations.

We Dare
We dare to make a difference. We have the courage to try new ways, to innovate and to lead the industry.

We Excel
Our goal is to excel in everything we do. Our passion for excellence leads us to set high standards and to continuously improve.

As a company we have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certification that guarantees the quality of our processes.

We are constantly thinking about how to move forward and how to fulfil our clients' needs.

Leading the Industry on Climate Change

Environmental Objectives

As Europe’s leading brand of water and coffee in the workplace, it is our mission to provide our customers with a convenient source of hydration and well-being, to help take better care of themselves every day at work and at play.

We understand that this sense of well-being also requires that our products are made and delivered in a caring and responsible way that preserves the environment for future generations. Our aim is to lead the industry on climate action and we are committed to preserving our planet every day.

Eden Springs has a philosophy that is committed to the environment. This commitment involves reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. We therefore work intensively in the optimisation of our distribution routes, whilst the bottles that we use for our water coolers are recyclable and reusable, avoiding a massive production of plastics. All the natural springs we work with are local.

We are Carbon Neutral

We are Carbon Neutral - Company, Products & Energy

In 2011, after almost 10 years of dedicated sustainability efforts, we decided to go one step further and aimed to become Europe’s largest certified CarbonNeutral® water and coffee services company. We are proud to say that our Carbon Neutrality status covers: our products themselves, their usage for the first year, our company, and electricity too.

Every single activity and every single operation, from our employees when they leave their homes to come to work, to our entire distribution fleet trucks delivery activity, now has zero impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

We continually aim to improve our impact on the environment by measuring and reducing our own emissions as much as possible with different internal procedures.

Environmental Achievements

Environmental Project Achievements

We achieved this through three core activities:

Minimising CO2 emissions in our operations, from optimising distribution routes to improving the efficiency of watercoolers and coffee machines.

Powering our European operations with 100% renewable electricity

Offsetting the CO2 emissions that we cannot avoid, by purchasing verified carbon reductions from carbon finance projects around the world. This year we have purchased 52,470 tons of carbon reductions, equivalent of 174 square kilometers of forest sequestering carbon for one year.

In 2018, we offset the remaining unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. Through the purchase of carbon credits, we were able to invest in projects that are addressed to solve the issue of CO2 emissions. In our case, we currently invest in renewable energy projects which address one of our largest sources of carbon emissions as a company. By reducing emissions to net zero, we have achieved CarbonNeutral® company status in all our European markets.

As part of our CarbonNeutral® company status, after accounting for all electricity in our offices, warehouse and plants, we purchase the equivalent amount of green power to match our electricity consumption in the form of European Guarantees of Origin (GOs), that certify the origin of our electricity is from a renewable source.

Kafevend has committed to powering its operations with 100% renewable energy, joining a growing number of international companies setting the bar high for zero emission electricity. By powering our operations with certified CarbonNeutral® electricity, we are addressing one of our largest sources of carbon emissions as a company. Not only is this the right thing to do from an ethical and environmental point of view, but it is the way we want to lead our business into the future.

Businesses typically have no mandatory requirement to measure, minimise and reduce carbon emissions – Kafevend has however achieved all three and done so with significant positive social and environmental impacts. We have gone one step further and reduced the impact of the products we sell, even though those impacts often lie with the original water/coffee machine manufacturers.

Eden Bio Cup Paper Water Cup Innovation

We have been recognised for...

• Measuring the Greenhouse Gas impacts of its operations and products, to internationally recognised best practice standards and frameworks

• Minimising Greenhouse Gas and other environmental impacts through optimised production and distribution systems (this is usually where businesses stop, as it is about cost savings only)

• Reducing unavoidable Greenhouse Gas emissions through best in class renewable electricity options and carbon credit projects (this is the real unique leadership spot, we go beyond the requirement)

• Enabling clients to procure low and carbon neutral water/coffee solutions, when otherwise they would have an environmental impact (this is truly innovation, helping our clients reduce their footprint)

• Delivering measurable positive sustainable development impacts in communities around the world where access solutions is limited (e.g. sustainable smallholder communities in Kenya and access to clean drinking water in Uganda)

This is going above and beyond most organisations in the world, let alone the UK.  We measure, minimise and reduce to net-zero via a globally recognised standard.

Europes Leading Water and Coffee Company


We have also enforced a number of procedures to tackle our plastic footprint. We pride ourselves on reusing our water bottles at least 50 times before they are recycled, in order to minimise the use of plastic materials. One 18.5 litre Eden water cooler bottle saves around 1,000 single-use 1L traditional plastic water bottles.

We also offer 100% bio-degradable, compostable and recyclable cup options to all of our customers in order to reduce the use and subsequent waste of plastic cups. The use of plant-based materials not only boasts advantages after use, but also uses significantly less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gases during production. Plant-based materials, such as cornstarch, are a more sustainable option for cups as corn is a resource that can be regularly maintained and renewed without having a harmful effect on the environment.

For customers who choose to use plastic cups, we have partnered with a closed loop recycling company to provide our customers with a recycling solution for all non-compostable cups and lids, both paper and plastic. Our new Cup Recycling Scheme ensures all cups are processed by a professional waste solutions company, who separate the polyethylene from paper. This ensures all materials are recycled and reused.

Footprint Awards 2019

Environmental Awards

We have been shortlisted/ finalists for the following environmental awards:

  • 2017 Responsible Business of the Year - Finalist
  • 2019 Footprint - Sustainable Supplier Award - Shortlisted
  • 2019 Footprint - Environmentally Efficient Logistics Award - Shortlisted