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Specialist hydration solutions - Public Sector

The importance of providing good quality, reliable sources of hydration using professional office and commercial coffee machines and water coolers should not be overlooked. It is for this reason that local governments, public sector bodies and members of various specialized framework agreements choose Kafevend as their supplier of specialist hydration solutions.

Importance of Coffee and Water Hydration

Why hydrate - coffee and water

Maintaining daily hydration is crucial to everyday health and wellbeing to ensure that bodies perform at their optimum.  Around 60% of body weight is water, increasing to 73% of the brain, so it makes sense that even mild dehydration can have an impact on physical and mental performance.  Everyday activities such as breathing and sweating cause water loss, add to this an air conditioned or heated office and it’s really easy for employees to become dehydrated, which can start to have detrimental impacts on workplace performance. Studies have found that hydration levels can have an effect on cognitive (brain) function and more severe dehydration can also reduce short-term memory and the ability to process and interpret visual information.  In a working environment, this could lead to poor concentration and mistakes being made.

Hydration Consultation

Arrange a hydration consultation with the experts

For more information or to arrange a consultation with one of our public-sector experts contact us now. We will use our many years of experience and ensure that you receive the best, most reliable products to suit your budget.

Evironmental Awards

Environmental Awards

Environmental Awards

We have been shortlisted and finalists for the following environmental awards:

  • 2017 Responsible Business of the Year - Finalist
  • 2019 Footprint - Sustainable Supplier Award - Shortlisted
  • 2019 Footprint - Environmentally Efficient Logistics Award - Shortlisted