InCup Vending Machines



The KLIX ELEMENT is a popular workplace solution, designed for areas with 20+ people. The cutting-edge technology provides constant great-tasting drinks at the touch of a button. The selection of drinks ranges from great coffee and tea brands to soups and cold Drinks.

KLIX technology delivers great-tasting hot and cold drinks to offices, factories and public spaces with no waiting and no mess. 

  • Great tasting hot and cold 
  • Up to 16 hot and cold drink selections
  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Colour touchscreen features
  • High cup capacity & easy restocking
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Saves approx. 24 litres of water per machine per week
Drink Selection

KLIX Drink Brands

KLIX delivers consistently great tasting household brands direct to your workforce, ensuring they are refreshed and energised. With a delivery speed of around 17 seconds per drink you can ensure your workforce are never waiting.

  • Go Large Option: 7oz and 9oz drinks (selected options only)
  • Pre-filled cups with dimples: 
  • Create a vortex ensuring ingredients and water are perfectly mixed
  • Eliminates mess and waste
  • Make stocking the machine easy