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Decantae Bottled Water

One of the top 5 bottled mineral water brands

Decantae mineral water is served throughout the UK and Europe in top hotels, restaurants and conferencing venues. All Decantae plastic bottles are supplied by UK manufacturers and manufactured from lightweight PET. 24 Bottles of 500ml Decantae per pack.

Decantae Bottled Water

Manufactured using recycled plastic

By April, this year all Decantae PET bottles will be produced from 50% recycled PET. Our Decantae mineral water is available to order now and can be delivered straight to your business.

Bottled Water PET and RPET

Typical Analysis (mg/L)

  • Calcium           40
  • Magnesium     14
  • Sodium            6
  • Potassium       3
  • Bicarbonates   166
  • Chlorides         11
  • Sulphates        10
  • Nitrates            8
  • Dry extract at 180˚C 228
  • pH 7.8