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Bottled Water Coolers - Fresh tasting chilled water

Bottled water coolers and great tasting water

Our water cooler bottles can be recycled up to 50 times

Cut down on plastic waste and choose Kafevend to supply your bottled water cooler. Providing a bottled water cooler is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote hydration and employee well-being.

By encouraging your staff to drink more water, you can:

  • Reduce health-related absences
  • Increase worker morale
  • Improve workplace productivity
Bottled Water Coolers 4 Months Free Today

Offer - 4 Months Free

We are currently offering an industry beating 4 Months Free rental on all our professional bottled water coolers.

For more information please call today: 0800 011 4531

Fresh Chilled Water

Why choose a bottled water cooler?

With over 2 million reusable water cooler bottles filled every year, it’s fair to say we have some experience in bottling water.

Reasons why our customers choose our water cooler solutions:

  • Something nice to offer their staff
  • Something nice to offer customers
  • Trying to cut down on buying single-use bottled water
  • Keep staff healthy
  • Only have access to a shared kitchen
  • To give patients and students access to safe drinking water
Environmental Awards

Environmental Awards

Environmental Awards

We have been shortlisted and finalists for the following environmental awards:

  • 2017 Responsible Business of the Year - Finalist
  • 2019 Footprint - Sustainable Supplier Award - Shortlisted
  • 2019 Footprint - Environmentally Efficient Logistics Award - Shortlisted