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1.How many eggs do Warninks use every year to make their advocaat?

a-10 million   b-20 million
c-30 million   d-40 million

2.Which group of Biblical characters do the Spanish celebrate during their Christmas celebrations?

a-The Sheperds   b-The Three Kings
c-The Angels   d- The Innkeepers

3.Which bit of the coffee plant does the Hawaiian company KonaRed use to make their juice drink?

a-The bean   b-The leaves
c-The pulp   d-The branch

4.Where does Rooibos tea come from?

a-Africa   b-America
c-Europe   d-Asia

5.What year did Conrad Finzel Sr. establish his sugar refinery in Bristol?

a-1796   b-1816
c-1836   d-1926

6.How is coffee traditionally grown?

a-In the sun   b-In the shade
c-In a bucket   d-In the sea

7.Which place does vanilla take when it comes to the world's most expensive spices?

a-1st   b-2nd
c-3rd   d-42nd

8.Which decade saw coffee make a resurgence in Australia?

a-1960s   b-1970s
c-1980s   d-1990s

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