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In 1869, at the age of 24, Lancashire-born businessman Arthur Brooke opened his first tea shop on Market Street in Manchester. Brooke decided on the name Brooke Bond for his newly found enterprise, the Bond being the one he would form with the customers he would provide quality tea for. Business boomed for Brooke, and over the span of thirty years he had a number of stores opened in major cities, along with a warehouse from which he supplied other tea dealers.

During the 1930s, Brooke Bond launched the PG Tips brand. The first part of the name is derived from a notion at the time that tea drunk before a meal would aid digestion, thus 'Pre Gest'. The Tips section refers to the part of the plant that the tea  was made from- the top two leaves and bud. Labelling regulations introduced after the Second World War meant that the claims of digestive properties inherent in tea had to be dropped, though despite this the name PG Tips lived on.

PG Tips has benefitted from popular T.V. advertising campaigns over the years. The first began in 1956 and featured the Tipps family, a group of four anthropomorphic chimpanzees. The adverts spent some twenty years on T.V. until complaints from animal rights groups brought them to a halt. Their latest range of adverts, which feature the ITV Digital Monkey, have often made references to the popular Tipps family adverts. PG Tips had a break from their simian theme in 2002 with a range of adverts featuring claymation birds animated by Aardman. PG Tips also hold the claim to fame of inventing the pyramid tea bag, after Tetley introduced the tea bag to Britain.

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