Kafevend makes every effort to make sure the products we offer have a minimal impact on the environment.

From introducing new vending machines with improved energy consumption, to offering Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fairtrade drinks in our range, we do all we can.

Energy Efficiency

Kafevend are Energy Efficient

We do our best to ensure that the vending machines we supply are among the most energy efficient on the market. The FLAVIA® CREATION 400™ is 26% more energy efficient than the leading single serve competitor. The KLIX OUTLOOK is 12.5% more energy efficient for hot drinks and a staggering 51% more energy efficient when idle, than the average leading floor standing drinks vending machines tested.

Rainforest Alliance

Kafevend and The Rainforest Alliance

Many of the drinks we supply are Rainforest Alliance certified ensuring protection of endangered species, pollution control, soil and water conservation, control and reduction of agrochemical use, better waste management and helping to conserve 25,000 hectares of native forest.

Machine Recycling

Kafevend Support Machine Recycling

When your vending machine reaches the end of its life, Kafevend have partnered with The Electronic Waste Company to dismantle and recycle end-of-life machines at their location in the UK. The machines will be recycled in an environment friendly manner with nothing being sent to landfill.