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Despite coffee's growing popularity in Australia, tea still has a place in the country. Tea was introduced to Australia when the First Fleet landed in Botany Bay. The medley of officers, marines and convicts on board the eleven vessels established the first European colony in Australia in 1788.  Australia has a tea culture very similar to that of Britain; though I suppose that comes as no surprise, given Britain's influence on the country in its early periods of colonisation.

Tea production first began in Australia in 1884. Whilst the country does not grow tea on a large scale, the few plantations scattered around it do produce quality tea. The Daintree Tea Company was established on the Cubbagudta plantation in 1978 by the Nicholas family, who still own it today. They sell a high quality single origin black tea, though it is also bought and used in blends by others. The Daintree Tea Company prides itself on keeping the tea free of pesticides, along with the strong flavour and aroma the tea possesses.

The company is located in the Daintree rainforest, part of the narrow band of green that runs down the eastern edge of Australia. Daintree itself lies within the state of Queensland in the north east, and is the largest tropical rainforest in the country. Daintree contains a staggering diversity of species, including a number of particularly ancient species of plants, which have earnt it World Heritage Site status from UNESCO.

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