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Following last week's look at world records associated with tea, this week it's the turn of coffee:

-The most espressos made in one hour by a team is 12,003. The record was set by the London Belle Baristas in 2011 during the London coffee festival. 100 baristas took part in the attempt, using 31 espresso machines.

-The largest cup of coffee ever made measured in at 13,200 litres, in a cup 9ft 6in tall and 8ft 8in wide. It was made by De'Longhi in London in 2012.

-The largest cafetière was made by Salzillo Tea and Coffee in Spain in 2007. Constructed using stainless steel, it measured 7ft 6in in height and 2ft 4in wide.

-The most expensive coffee in the world, Black Ivory, are beans that have been through an elephant's digestive system, similar to those from the civet. The coffee beans are $500 per pound, and used in a number of luxury hotels in Thailand, the Maldives and the Arab Emirates. One can only hope that elephants are not subjected to the same level of abuse as thousands of palm civets now suffer, as individuals attempt to cash in on what was the world's most expensive coffee.

-A modified 1988 Volkswagon Scirocco ran for 337 km from London to Manchester using coffee. The car uses hydrogen as a fuel, which it derived from the coffee beans by heating them in a charcoal fire before cooling and filtering the resulting gas to obtain the hydrogen.

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