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You'd think after a year I might have managed to discover all of the various permutations the coffee plant has made its way to as a drink, but it turns out that there's yet another method of utilising it. Alongside the beans and the leaves, you can also use the skin and pulp of the coffee cherry themselves.

A tisane can be made known as coffee cherry tea; the Spanish call it cascara, which means husk. As suggested by the Spanish name, this tea uses the dried coffee cherries in order to produce the drink. The dried cherry husks are steeped in boiling water just like regular tea to produce a strong, red coloured brew that is said to possess a number of tastes: watermelon, hibiscus and rooibos are a few of the flavours present. It contains caffeine, but there is much less than the amount contained in coffee; it is also typically sweeter. The famous coffee producer Aida Batlle has produced coffee cherry tea for visitors to her farms in El Salvador.

The coffee cherry has also been used to make a juice drink by the Hawaiian company KonaRed.  They dry and condense the coffee cherry fruit into a liquid which they mix with other fruits to produce the drink. One of the major selling points of KonaRed is the extremely high level of antioxidants present. It sounds like something to enjoy with a little dark chocolate- you'd be brimming with the stuff!

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