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Handily, I live a stone's throw away from the countryside- well, a stone's throw for a medieval siege engine at least. The point is, it's easy to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a walk somewhere quiet- well, when a gale isn't blowing up the Bristol channel at least. At around this time of the year however, the walks serve an ulterior motive: blackberry picking. Though I must admit I typically just point out particularly juicy looking ones to those I'm with who don't mind sticking their hands near spiders' webs. They go well with the glut of apples from the trees in our garden, or, as I've now discovered, with water, sugar and ice to make blackberry tea.

You can enjoy blackberry tea hot or cold. Produced and sold by many companies, Lipton in particular makes a wide range of blackberry teas, often combining them with other flavours and fruits such as vanilla and pomegranate. Iced blackberry tea is easy to make yourself. First, crush and mix together three cups of blackberries and one cup of sugar before adding two cups of black tea. Let it stand for an hour, then strain out the blackberries, add  two cups of cold water, stick it in the fridge and enjoy served with ice and mint.

As ever, there are a few associated health boons and banes to look out for. The usual suspects crop up regarding the positives, with the drink boasting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. On the negative side, along with inhibiting the absorption of nutrients like calcium and iron, consuming large amounts can cause a sore stomach and nausea, along with possible liver damage- as with anything, enjoy it in moderation!

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