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1.What, technically, is a Jaffa Cake?

a-a cake   b-a biscuit
c-a bread   d-an orange

2.Where are Jammie Dodgers made?

a-England   b-Wales
c-Scotland   d-Ireland

3.What kind of nut do you find in Anzac biscuits?

a-Walnut   b-Pecan
c-Hazelnut   d-Macadamia

4.Who invented the chocolate digestive?

a-Nestlé   b-Burton
c-McVitie's   b-Cadbury

5.Which country's favourite biscuit is the ginger nut?

a-England   b-New Zealand
c-Switzerland   d-Poland

6.Which biscuit was first known as the Creola?

a-Garibaldi   b-Bourbon
c-Rich tea   d-Ginger nut

7.What colour did the Kit Kat wrapper change to during WW2?

a-Blue   b-Brown
c-Green   d-Orange

8.Which Scottish shortbread company also make biscuits for Prince Charles' Duchy Originals?

a-Campbells   b- Dean's
c-Duncans of Deeside   d-Walkers

Don't forget to visit the blog again on Friday to see how many you got right!

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