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This easy to make refridgerator bar cake is a family favourite passed down to us from the Scottish side of the family. The intense sweetness of the ingredients at the heart of the bar can be offset by using dark chocolate as the coating. It's a rich recipe, best used as part of a very special afternoon tea now and again, as the calorie count must be fairly phenomenal!

-12oz good quality dark chocolate
-4oz margarine
-15 marshmallows
-15 glacé cherries
-1 Turkish Delight bar
-6oz coconut
-3oz castor sugar
-1 small tin of condensed milk
-½lb tea biscuits (well crushed)

-Line a 12x8 fairly deep tray and grease.
-Melt half of the chocolate and coat the greaseproof paper. Allow it to set.
-Melt together the condensed milk, margarine and sugar.
-Chop up the other ingredients (use scissors dipped in hot water) and add them to the melted mixture.
-Add the mixture to the tray and smooth the top.
-Melt the rest of the chocolate and cover the top.
-Place in the refridgerator and when set, cut into fingers.

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