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As promised in a previous blog, it's now time to take a look at the results of the 2013 World Barista Championships, which were held in Australia this year, in conjunction with the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, May 23rd - 26th. The world championship, now in its fourteenth year, was staged here in the U.K. back in 2010 and our baristas have twice won the top prize: James Hoffmann in 2007 and Gwilym Davies in 2009.

The competing baristas work in front of an audience and a bevy of judges. Four sensory judges score for taste and presentation, while a pair of technical judges concentrate on technique, hygiene and efficiency. In addition there is a head judge overseeing everyone. So no pressure then!

This year it was an American, Pete Licata, who secured first place. There were initially 51 competitors, champions of their own countries, whittled down by the final day to six finalists who had to prepare a cappuccino, an espresso and a signature drink, while giving a fifteen minute long presentation concerning their chosen coffee beans and roasting style. Pete is from Kansas City, which is where he began his work in coffee back in 2003. Having competed in U.S. competitions since 2005, he had also previously taken part in the World Barista Championships in 2011, when he came second.  

In second place this year was Australia's own entrant, Matthew Perger, third was William Hernandez of El Salvador, fourth place went to Colin Harmon from Ireland,  fifth was Nick Clark of New Zealand and sixth, Francesco Sanapo of Italy. Those top six rankings demonstrate the truly global nature of the championships and the growing number of nations taking part, up from fourteen countries in 2000 to over fifty this time around.

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