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Whole lot of coffee

Those of you who were with us earlier this week will remember we had a look at a couple of records- one of them quite recent- involving the use of one of our favourite drinks: tea. It only seems fair to consider the records set using another- coffee! So just what have the good coffee loving folk of the world been up to then?

Room for one more

First on our list is the world's biggest coffee shop. This can be found in Saudi Arabia's capital city, Riyadh. The Al Masaa Cafe is a built on a larger scale than your regular coffee house, capable of playing host to just over a thousand visitors seated indoors and out. As you can imagine, that's rather a lot of coffee to prepare! They would no doubt be helped by our next record breaker...

Up next is the Swiss Espresso Extractor, created back in 2008 by a trio of Swiss inventors. This machine is capable of producing eleven and a half litres of espresso coffee is just one minute. The main part of the machine works in essence like a normal sized espresso maker, but it doesn't just brew coffee- it does other stuff too! The machine is capable of performing the entire process of making coffee. It can vacuum beans up into a hopper from where they can be ground. The ground coffee is then deposited into the brewing chamber. Once the coffee has been made- and funneled off into an appropriately large cup- the machine even disposes of the coffee grounds to make space for the next mega brew!

That's enough for me, thanks

Like the record for iced tea earlier in the week, some of the more coffee minded amongst us decided to see  how big a cup of iced coffee they could make. There have been a few attempts at this one, but the latest record was set by Caffé Bene, a relatively new coffee chain that started in 2008 in South Korea. They set the record in 2014, when they filled a 3.3m tall, 2.62m wide coffee cup with a little over fourteen thousand litres of iced coffee!

There have been several attempts to create mosaics using coffee using a variety of forms. The record for the largest coffee bean mosaic is currently held by Steve Halaszi, who beat the previous top spot in 2015 by creating a mosaic measuring just over 33.5 square metres. As well as using beans, another popular method is cups of coffee. The current record holders here are a team from Le Meridien Cyberport in Hong Kong, who created a mosaic featuring 8,888 cups of coffee at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2015.


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