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In 1861, a man named Walter Whittard was born to a family of wealthy leather merchants in London. Where many might have persued their parents' trade craft, Walter's mind was elsewhere, having discovered the wonders of tea in his youth like Thomas Twining before him. At the age of 25 he decided to see if his passion for making tea could earn him a living, and set up a shop on Fleet Street.

After just 4 years Walter managed to move shop to Mincing Lane, the centre of tea commerce, following the British East India Company's acquisition of the Dutch East India Company's trading ports at the turn of the 19th  century. Whilst Walter had added coffee and chocolate to his repertoire of goods, tea remained the main focus of his attention. He created a large variety of popular blends, such as the Barrister's refresher, originally designed to coax in workers from the Inns of Court (associations which assist and train barristers) to his shop.

Walter's sons Hugh and Dick took over the managing of the company, and despite setbacks such as the World Wars, a catastrophic fire that caused a relocation of the company, and even a tragic train crash which killed Dick, Whittard managed to soldier on. It is now a worldwide brand, selling wide varieties of top quality tea, coffee and chocolate, along with new products such as crockery, confectionery and even equipment like teapots and cafetières.

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