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In the past, we've had a look at a few different aspects of the vending machine: from a look at its beginnings as a holy water dispenser, to the first modern varieties that you or I might be more familiar with. These days, when you think of a vending machine you probably think of drinks and snacks as being their main fare. However, that wonderful human ability to think outside of the box has resulted in some rather interesting items being put inside the box. Crustaceans, anyone?

Crabs: Let's deal with the crustaceans first. A couple of businessmen in China, in what is suspected to be a marketing stunt to drum up support for their stores, found ways of selling live crabs from vending machines. With a temperature controlled environment and clever packaging, a peckish individual could easily get their hands on a favourite delicacy, which also came packed with a crab vinegar and some tea to enjoy with the meal!

Farm produce: The Peter und Paul Hof farm in Germany decided to try selling produce from their farm- such as milk, eggs, potatoes, sausages- from vending machines. The farm found delivering to people's doorsteps costly and time consuming, but equally, expecting customers to come to the farm was unviable. The vending machines therefore provided a middle ground for the two groups.

Hot food: If waiting in the queue at a shop or going to a restaurant isn't to your liking, you might like to get a meal from a vending machine. Many machines can incorporate an oven/frier/infrared jiggery-pokery to cook your food for you, eliminating a need for grating human interaction if you've had a hard day at work.

This is certainly by no means a complete list of the peculiar items out there, so check back again soon for another selection of oddities!

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