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KLIX Outlook Vending Machine
KLIX Outlook Vending Machine

KLIX Outlook Vending Machine



The KLIX Outlook is a popular workplace solution, designed for high footfall areas with 20+ people. The cutting edge technology provides consistently great tasting drinks at the touch of a button. The drinks selection ranges from household coffee and tea brands, coffee shop specialities, soup and Brita filtered water.

KLIX technology delivers great tasting hot and cold drinks to offices, factories and public spaces with no waiting and no mess. The KLIX OUTLOOK is one of the most energy efficient drinks vending machines on the market with the KLIX OUTLOOK being 12.5% more energy efficient for hot drinks and 51% more energy efficient in 'stand by' mode, than the average for two leading floor standing drinks vending machines tested. In addition the design has other key energy-saving features built in including, energy-saving LED lights in the display and consumer interface.

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  • 16 hot or cold drinks options (including Soup) - 1375 cup capacity
  • Choose from a range of 28 different drinks using in-cup technology.
  • BRITA Filtered water as standard
  • User-friendly operation
  • Round-buying function to save time
  • One-touch operation
  • Easy restocking
  • Ultra-low maintenance
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