Azkoyen Palma B5 Vending Machine

Azkoyen Palma+ b5/b6 can & bottle vending machines


The large lit product display panel and eye-catching design maximises impulse buys.AZKOYEN is a multinational group whose main lines of work focus on the vending machine, means of payment and catering sectors. 

  • Attractive Design
  • The large lit product display panel
  • Eye-catching design maximises impulse buys.
  • Easy to Use

Vending modules that are simple to prepare, simple programming and product and price decals can easily be changed.

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The Azkoyen Palma cold drinks vending machines are flexible, reliable, attractive and easy to use. These vending machines offer good security and are full of great technology.

A large illuminated product display panel grabs attention, capitalising on impulse purchases. Up to five different product selections are supported, with a maximum capacity of 300 cans (0.33 l), or 150 bottles (0.5 l).

This vending machine has a number of user friendly features. The electronics and product options are easy to configure, and easy-to-prepare vending modules have also been incorporated. Additionally, it is simple to change the product and price decals.

The Azkoyen Palma B5 has an innovative and flexible vending operation; a universal extraction system which is ideal for dispensing glass, cans and PET bottles.

Security need not be a worry as your interests will be protected by: a galvanised steel body, a three-point door anchorage (with high security lock), plus an anti-pry door surround and steel selection buttons.

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