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Vending Machines: A Buyer's Guide

Vending machines are often something many office workers take for granted - as they reliably churn out cup after cup of everyone's favourite teas, coffees and other drinks day and night. 

Few people stop to think of the convenience of having their rounds of drinks instantly and automatically dispensed, compared with the logistical headache of having to manually make these drinks themselves. 

Fewer still give any consideration to the time and efficiency savings, the combined man-hours saved by rapid-dispensing machines compared with staff stood around waiting for kettles to boil and tea to brew. 

But choosing the right drinks vending machine for a workplace is an important decision and one that will have an impact - however overlooked it may be - on workers' productivity, job satisfaction - and the company's bottom-line.

Here, therefore, is our guide to help you make the right choice of snack, cold drink and hot drink vending machines for your office...

Office with up to 20 staff

FLAVIA® hot drinks vending machine are the ideal choice for serving up drinks in areas with up to around 20 employees or visitors. 

The FLAVIA® is a smaller 'table top' machine, which sits on an existing work surface - or on a special cabinet. 

The machine is either free-standing (requiring only a power lead to a standard plug socket) or can be plumbed in to the water main for greater convenience or higher volume servings. 

FLAVIA® machines serve a huge variety of drinks - there are over 20 drinks available for these machines - which include a variety of different coffees from around the world, teas (everything from standard English Breakfast to Earl Grey, Peppermint, Green Tea, and other herbal teas), hot chocolate, cappuccino - and more. 

FLAVIA® vending machines work using a 'fresh pack' system - where drinks are dispensed from sealed sachets that are simply inserted in to the machine - with the drink automatically brewing and dispensing within 40 to 60 seconds. 

Many vending machines suffer from the perception that they serve up poor quality, weak and generally horrible drinks that are a necessary evil rather than something to be savoured and enjoyed. 

The FLAVIA® 400 could not be further removed from this type of machine - brewing real, coffee-shop quality coffee and hot drinks that would not taste out of place in the cafes of Rome or Paris. 

The variety of drinks available, including coffees from all the major coffee-producing regions of the world, make a machine like the FLAVIA®  suitable for even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. 

FLAVIA®  drinks vending machines are attractive, compact machines that are ideal for workplaces or reception areas serving smaller numbers of people than the traditional floor-standing vending machines that you might find in higher-traffic areas. 

Workplaces with 10 staff and over / public spaces

For higher-demand workplaces and public spaces with vending requirements, the floor-standing KLIX® vending machines are the more appropriate choice. 

KLIX® machines deliver hot and cold drinks - with a similar broad range to the Flavia models. Drinks from the KLIX® machine include a range of standard and speciality coffees, teas, hot chocolate, cappuccino - and even soups, along with cold drinks including water and fruit juice drinks. 

KLIX® vending machines have the drink ingredients pre-sealed in to the cups, reducing mess and the chance of spillages. The machines are incredibly reliable even in particularly high-demand settings. 

There are free and paid vending options with the KLIX® machines, which have up to 16 drink options and a capacity of over 1,300 cups. 

Most people don't realise that the ratio of female and male employees within a business actually has an impact on the types of drink the vending machine should ideally offer. 

Similarly different types of businesses in different industries often have differing profiles for drinks requirements. When ordering a KLIX® vending machine, Kafevend will work with you to establish the ideal range of drinks to offer for your exact environment. 

Specialist Bean to Cup Coffee Vending Machines

Becoming increasingly popular in recent times is the bean to cup coffee machine - the type you might expect to see behind the counter of a coffee shop. 

As their name suggests, these machines take fresh coffee beans, grinding and dispensing real, cafe-style coffee straight from the bean to cup. They make for an impressive centrepiece for any office or staff canteen - and are a real talking point among staff and visitors. 

There are various different sizes and styles of bean to cup machines to choose from, each with their own unique features and options. Bean to cup coffee machines are, like the FLAVIA®, table-top devices that sit on an existing work surface or on a specially-provided cabinet. 

If a workplace bean to cup machine is something you're considering, you are best advised to speak with a Kafevend consultant for their advice for the right type of machine for your particular workplace requirements and tastes. 

Food and Snack Vending Machines

For larger offices, factories and public spaces, Azkoyen or NectaStarfood snack vending machines are some of the finest food vending machines available. 

Large, robust, floor-standing high volume, temperature-controlled machines ideal for dispensing anything from chocolate bars to water bottles.

Kafevend's food and snack machines stock up to 56 different ranges. They are the kind of machines you're probably used to seeing - and buying from - in venues and public places around the country. 

Water Coolers

Most office workers will be familiar with the water cooler - the machines built to dispense chilled water to thirsty employees in offices, factories of all shapes and sizes. 

Many are familiar with the large bottles piled up in cupboards or corners, which usually sit atop the water coolers, however Kafevend's water dispensers are mains fed, which removes the need for storing and changing bottles. 

These water coolers can be floor-standing our counter-top, depending on where they need to be situated. Most water coolers can be either purchased outright or hired / leased on manageable monthly payment plans

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