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Do you prefer to sip your coffee daintily, eking out the flavour and caffeine buzz for as long as you possibly can, or are you an 'asbestos-throated' quaffer of hot drinks with scant regard for taste sensation? Well it turns out that those preconceptions could be totally erroneous and that those who drink their coffee in gulps are actually maximising the flavour potential of their drink!

Italy is undoubtedly viewed as a bedrock of coffee culture and so it seems fitting that it should have been scientists from none other than the University of Naples who have undertaken a study of how best to consume the drink. Founded in 1224, the university is named after Federico II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and one of the first state universities in existence. The study's findings, published in the journal of Food Research International, report that larger gulps serve to increase the release of the coffee's aroma. More saliva is created by bigger swigs which in turn means that more aroma arrives at the nose's receptors. Due to the close relationship between our senses of smell and taste, perception of the coffee's flavour improves as a result.

The scientists conducted their tests with four different brewing styles: espresso, mocha, americano and Naples' own Neapolitan. Surprisingly, it's that most compact of coffee styles, the espresso, that was discovered to most benefit from being drunk by the gulp. That could be good news for company bosses around the world – shorter coffee breaks equals more time spent working. Just mind you don't burn your tongue!

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