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Whilst we English think of ourselves as fairly dedicated tea drinkers (or at least, the wider world does), we don't quite hold a candle up to the tea drinking habits of our near neighbours in Ireland. The Irish drink the most tea per capita on the globe, and it's no surprise when they have access to top notch teas like those provided by Thompson's Family Tea.

The Irish company, Thompson's Family Tea, came into being thanks to Robert Thompson. Robert had started out in the tea trade as a tea taster in 1887. 9 years later, he was made a partner in the already established company McArthur and Willis, which imported and sold tea. His dedication to finding the best teas put him in good stead, and he went on to lead the company for five decades- quite a stint! After those 51 years, he passed the business on to his sons, James and Tony. They were responsible for the creation of the Punjana brand and keeping the company going through turbulent times; in 1973 a bomb meant for a nearby police station ended up taking out their building instead. By the 1980s the business was on to its third generation under the management of Ross and David Thompson, cousins in the family. Ross and David remain the current directors, but also work as tea tasters, following in the footsteps of their grandfather Robert.

Thompson's Family Tea buys the tea it uses from tea gardens in the famous region of Assam in northern India, and also from tea growing regions found in the high altitude area around Mount Kenya near the centre of... Kenya. When it comes to business ethics, they are a cut above the rest. The company pays above the average price for its tea, and is dedicated to buying from and supporting the tea gardens that provide decent wages, as well as facilties such as schools, hospitals and housing to improve the quality of life for the workers- a commitment that every company should be making these days.

Thompson's Family Tea has a great range of teas on offer. Their original Punjana blend (a name invented by Lillias, James Thompson's wife) is still going strong. Those who want something a little different could try out the Irish breakfast blend, an enhanced Earl Grey or the Scottish blend, which has been specially developed to suit Scotland's soft water- perfect if you're looking for something to go with your shortbread and tablet. Those wanting to try something a little more exotic can get their hands on jasmine tea, rooibos and orange, ginger and lemon and even a ginger and pineapple green tea- sounds like one to try! You can rest assured they'll taste great, as the company has won numerous great taste awards in recent years right across their range. With their great expertise and long experience in the industry, we've no doubt they'll go on to win many more.

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