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If you struggle to get going in the morning and you like your coffee strong, then I wonder if you've already tried 'Death Wish Coffee'? This is a blend which contains an incredible 200% more caffeine than the average cup of coffee. Its packaging is emblazoned with a skull and crossbones; this is serious stuff!

After five years running his own coffee company in up-state New York, Mike Brown was anxious to solve a problem. A common request from customers was for really strong coffee. Mike had to explain time and again that a strong tasting cup of coffee doesn't actually contain the most caffeine. It's really the lighter roasts that are the most caffeinated. This is due to the fact that high end coffee is generally made from the Arabica bean which has a smoother taste but less caffeine than the Robusta. Also, the longer and darker a bean is roasted, the more the caffeine is reduced.

To guarantee customer satisfaction Mike Brown went on a search for a dark, strong coffee bean with a high caffeine content, but also organically grown and fairly traded. His 'Death Wish Coffee' is the result. While the front of the pack features the aforementioned skull and crossbones logo, warning in itself, the reverse side contains health warnings flagging up potential problems. However, Mike maintains that the coffee is safe to drink. Most customers who have reviewed the product have been impressed with the extra zip it gives them, as well as with the taste and aroma.

Mike Brown's latest coffee creation, in conjunction with the Californian heavy metal band Black Label Society and their lead singer Zakk Wylde, is a blend named 'Valhalla Java Odin Force Blend'. So there's some Norse mythology to mull over while you screw up the courage to test what sounds like an even more potent brew!

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