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1- Founder of Twinings Tea, Thomas Twining, originally served an apprenticeship to become which of the following?

a- baker                b- weaver
c- blacksmith       d- sailor

2- Tetley introduced the concept of the teabag to the British public in 1953, but in which year did the company first offer us their round teabags?

a- 1988                  b- 1985
c- 1990                  d- 1993

3- What does the PG in PG Tips stand for?

a- pretty good        b- power generator
c- pre-gest             d- parental guidance

4- In which city does Typhoo Tea have its roots?

a- Birmingham       b- London
c- Bristol                d- Glasgow

5- Which mode of transport did Clipper Teas take their name from?

a- automobile         b- horse and carriage
c- rail                      d- sailing vessel

6- Yorkshire tea is specially blended to suit which type of water?

a- soft water            b- hard water
c- spring water        d- bath water

7- Which company can say that its founders were the ones to break the East India Company's monopoly on tea?

a- Lipton                 b- Bewley's
c- Pukka                  d- Thompson's

8- Beginning in the 1950s, which animals featured in a string of PG Tips TV adverts?

a- gorillas               b- elephants
c- meerkats            d- chimpanzees

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