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Welcome to the Kafevend Christmas quiz- have a go at answering the questions below, and check back in with us on Saturday for the answers!

1.Which spirit is used to make a Black Russian?

A-Rum   B-Vodka
C-Brandy   D-Whiskey

2.What is the surname of the chef who came up with the Irish Coffee?

A-Sheridan   B-Grant
C-Patton   D-Pershing

3.Which of these Italian espresso based drinks includes a little pick me up?

A-Affogato   B-Breve
C-Corretto   D-Doppio

4.Which country produces the strong rum you often find in Jagertee?

A-Austria   B-Germany
C-Slovakia   D-Hungary

5.Which of the following doesn't have any tea in it?

A-Harry Brompton's London Ice Tea   B-Long Island Iced Tea
C-Southern Sweet Iced Tea   D-Lipton's Iced Tea

6.Which country does Kahlúa come from?

A-Guatemala   B-Brazil
C-Mexico   D-Costa Rica

7.Where might you be most likely to find Witch's Coffee?

A-Spain   B-France
C-Switzerland   D-Italy

8.Which of these is an alternative name for Jamaican coffee?

A-Calypso coffee   B-Canboulay coffee
C-Soca coffee   D-Junkanoo coffee

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