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Green, yellow, black, white, red, blue... There's a whole rainbow of teas out there and if you haven't yet tasted them, we hope our quiz will provide you with a little background information and whet your appetite at the same time!

1. Which of these processes will determine whether a tea is black, white, green or yellow?

A-fermentation     B-oxidation
C-wilting     D-firing

2. What extra process is yellow tea subjected to?

A-the tea leaves are left to dry out in the sun     B-the tea leaves are infused with saffron
C-the tea leaves are placed under a damp cloth     D- the tea leaves are fermented

3. Which of these white teas has the finest reputation of all?

A- silver needle     B-white peony
C-tribute eyebrow     D-long life eyebrow

4. What is the name of the mechanised process for producing black tea?

A- wilt, crush, dry     B- crush, tear, curl
C- wilt, steam, ferment     D- roll, dry, curl

5. Does the name orange pekoe refer to the tea's...

A-flavour     B-variety
C-colour     D-grade

6. Which of the following teas is also known as blue tea?

A-pu-erh     B-matcha
C-oolong     D-rooibos

7. Where is black tea known as red tea?

A-Sweden     B-Australia
C-China     D-Ethiopia

8. Where does matcha, the powdered green tea, come from?

A-Korea     B-Japan
C-China     D-Sri Lanka

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