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The quiz with crunch- answers

1. A straightforward question to begin: which came first, the Digestive or the Rich Tea?

b- Rich Tea: Although the Digestive has a provenance that stretches all the way back to 1892, the tea biscuit has roots deep within 17th century Yorkshire when it became a popular snack food with the wealthy of Yorkshire. Biscuits get their name from the Latin 'bis coctus', meaning twice cooked. The second stage of baking dries them out, giving them their characteristic crunch.

2. Which of the following ingredients gave the Digestive biscuit its name?

d- bicarbonate of soda: The Digestive biscuit, first sold in 1892, was so called because of its bicarbonate of soda content. It was marketed to health conscious Victorians for its purported ability to aid digestion and was the creation of Alexander Grant, who had come to work for McVitie & Price four years earlier.

3. Who was the Garibaldi biscuit named after?

a- a general: Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian general who led attempts to unify Italy. He visited Britain in 1854, a few years before the first Garibaldi biscuits went on sale in 1861. The little currant filled sandwich biscuits were the invention of John Carr, who had left his own family's biscuit business and gone to work for Peek Freans instead. Garibaldi was an innovative name for a biscuit at that time, and the general had been a popular visitor, no doubt helping to make the new biscuit stand out from the crowd- a great marketing ploy!

4. Where in the UK are Jammie Dodgers made?

b- Wales: Jammie Dodgers are produced by Burton's at their Llantarnam factory in Wales. When the biscuit first hit the shelves in 1960 comics were a major source of entertainment for the nation's children and it was the Beano's Rodger the Dodger who was the inspiration for their name.

5. Which well known biscuit firm does 'Made in Chelsea' star, Jamie Laing, stand to inherit?

b- McVitie's: Yes, Jamie Laing will one day inherit one of the UK's foremost biscuit companies. The original McVitie & Price biscuit factory dated back to 1830 and was located in Edinburgh. Today there are five McVitie's factories throughout the UK producing many of the nation's most well known biscuit brands; Digestives, Rich Tea, Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs, Ginger Nuts and Fruit Shortcakes are all part of their output.

6. Can you put the following biscuits in order of when they first appeared for sale?

From oldest to most recent it's:  b- Garibaldi (1861), a- Bourbon (1910), d- Chocolate Digestive (1925) and c- Jaffa Cake (1927). While the Garibaldi was named for a military man, Bourbons were originally sold as Creolas. Both biscuits were produced by Peek Freans which was based in Bermondsey. Its factory began production in 1866 and didn't close until 1989. Chocolate Digestives came thirty three years after the plain variety and have remained a favourite for dunking ever since. Jaffa cakes have occupied a special position on the biscuit aisle ever since a dispute over VAT; chocolate covered biscuits are classed as a luxury food item and as such are subject to the tax. Fortunately, McVitie's was able to prove that the Jaffa cake is indeed a cake and therefore exempt!

7. Which of the British forces chomped their way through the forerunner to the biscuit?

b. Royal Navy: Before tinned food came along the ship's biscuit, or hard tack, was a chief source of sustenance for Britain's senior service. Forget 'twice cooked', for long sea voyages these exceedingly hard biscuits were baked four times over. It seems more than likely that our national biscuit dunking habit was first devised by the Navy who would have found it impossible to ingest their hard tack without first giving it a prolonged dunking in their ration of grog!

8. Which of these famous four opted for a wedding cake made of Rich Tea biscuits?

d- Prince William: While Kate was in charge of designing the more traditional fruit cake, William requested a chocolate refrigerator cake, which included hundreds of McVitie's Rich Tea biscuits!

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