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The quiz with crunch

Do you like a biscuit with your tea? After our foray into shortbread earlier this week, we decided to create a biscuit themed quiz...

1. A straightforward question to begin: which came first, the Digestive or the Rich Tea?

a- Digestive     b- Rich Tea        

2. Which of the following ingredients gave the Digestive biscuit its name?

a- fennel seeds     b- caraway seeds
c- milk of magnesia     d- bicarbonate of soda

3. Who was the Garibaldi biscuit named after?

a- a general     b- a baker
b- a teacher     d- a politician

4. Where in the UK are Jammie Dodgers made?

a- Scotland     b- Wales
c- England     d- Northern Ireland   

5. Which well known biscuit firm does 'Made in Chelsea' star, Jamie Laing, stand to inherit?

a- Burton's     b- McVitie's
c- Tunnock's     d- Fox's

6. Can you put the following biscuits in order of when they first appeared for sale?

a- Bourbon     b- Garibaldi
c- Jaffa Cake     d- Chocolate Digestive

7. Which of the British forces chomped their way through the forerunner to the biscuit?

a- British Army     b- Royal Navy
c- Royal Air Force     d- Royal Marines

8. Which of these famous four opted for a wedding cake made of Rich Tea biscuits?

a- Jamie Oliver     b- Danny Dyer
c- David Beckham     d- Prince William

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