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1- The Japanese tea ceremony is often referred to by an alternative term. Is it...

a- the Pursuit of Tea     b- the Way of Tea
c- the Purity of Tea      d- the Sanctity of Tea

2- There's something special about the door to a Japanese tea house. Is it...

a- its shape        b- its colour
c- its size           d- what it's made from

3- The traditional garment to wear at a Japanese tea ceremony is the kimono, but with what would you tie it around your middle?

a- an obi               b- a tasukete
c- an eigo             d- a jikan

4- What is the name of the tea used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony?

a- aracha            b- bancha
c- matcha           d- konacha

5- Chabana is an art form used to decorate the tea house, but what does it relate to?

a- calligraphy             b- bonsai
c- flower arranging    d- water colours

6- Where does Japan's cherry blossom festival begin each spring?

a- Hokkaido       b- Okinawa
c- Tokyo             d- Osaka

7- Sen no Rikyū was born in Japan in 1522, but in what role did he come to prominence in Japanese society?

a- samurai warrior     b- emperor
c- merchant               d- tea master
8- Which group most influenced the Japanese tea ceremony?

a- Zen monks       b- the Geisha
c- the nobility       d- merchants

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