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Here is another holiday influenced blog for you, this time with a recommendation that should you find yourself in the vicinity of Heddon Valley, it would be well worth your while to drop in to The Hunters Inn for a drink. Exmoor exudes a majestic beauty as it meets the sea head on with some of the very tallest sea cliffs in England. This  can be perfectly exemplified by taking a walk from Woody Bay along to Heddon's Mouth via one of the cliff paths. Steep hikes up thickly wooded tracks give way to dramatic views along the indented vertical landscape and over the cerulean sea to the Welsh coast opposite.

Like the walks to Tea Cottage and the Valley of Rocks described earlier in the week, this is another taxing hike for anyone used to a more recumbent way of life, neither is it advised for anyone with a tendency to vertigo. It is worth the effort though, especially with the reward of The Hunters Inn at the end. The hotel and pub was rebuilt after the original thatched building was almost entirely destroyed by fire in 1895. The surrounding area was known as England's answer to Switzerland and indeed the new building was designed to resemble a Swiss chalet. It opened its doors in 1906 and is still going strong. In 2009 the inn was awarded North Devon's Campaign for Real Ales pub of the year award, so there are always a choice of real ales to try out, as well as a range of teas and coffees if you fear losing your balance on the cliff path back home! Snacks and cream teas are available, but for those feeling rather more peckish, there is a full dinner menu which accommodates both traditional and more adventurous palates, with home made puddings too.

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