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1.Which flower is left with tea leaves over night?

a-Primrose   b-Jasmine
c-Hyacinth   d-Lily

2.Which of these unlikely suspects makes for a good herbal tea?

a-Deadly Nightshade   b-Stinking iris
c-Common Nettle   d-Poison ivy

3.Which tea helps you nod off?

a-Chamomile   b-Lavender
c-Chestnut   d-Thyme

4.Which tea uses the plant's rhizome?

a-Ginger   b-Clove
c-Cardamom   d-Rosemary

5.Which berry isn't a berry in the botanical sense of the word?

a-Strawberry   b-Blackcurrant
c-Blackberry   d-Gooseberry

6.Which flower has been used, not only to make tea, but to dye cheese?

a-Daffodil   b-Marigold
c-Sunflower   d-Dandelion

7.Where does rooibos tea originate?

a-South Africa   b-South America/
c-Australia   d-Azerbaijan

8.Which plant's seeds can be used both to make tea and as an after dinner mint?

a-Chia   d-Poppy
c-Fenugreek   d-Fennel

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