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1.Which company was the first to bring Fairtrade coffee to the UK?

a-Maxwell House b-Cafédirect

c-Nescafé   d-Douwe Egberts

2.How much water is used to produce a kilogram of coffee?

a-550 litres b-2,700 litres

c-18,900 litres d-25,400 litres

3.How many Canadian homes have a single serve coffee machine?

a-85% b-63%

c-57% d-40%

4.Which company has been working on a more sustainable coffee pod?

a-Nestlé b-De'Longhi

c-Lavazza d-Bosch

5.How much more coffee does sun cultivation produce compared to shade grown?

a-two times b-three times

c-six times d-ten times

6.Which company recently opened a zero energy coffee shop?

a-Costa b-Caffè Nero

c-Starbucks d-Coffee Republic

7.Which green invention did Singapore student, Eason Chow, come up with?

a-the coffee droop b-the coffee slalom

c-the coffee egg d-the coffee ribbon

8.Rather than throw your coffee grounds away, what alternative use could they be put to?

a-composting b-cleaning

c-shampooing d-deodorising

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