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Coffee addicts are far from being a modern day phenomenon and to prove it we've devised a quiz featuring a variety of well known names from through the ages. They were all devoted to the drink and would have been bereft without it! Let's start on a musical note...

1.Which of the following composers was so entranced by coffee that he wrote the 'Coffee Cantata'?

a-Vivaldi                                 b-Bach
c-Handel                                 d-Mozart

2. The eighteenth century became known as The Age of Enlightenment, but which one of these gifted writers and philosophers is reputed to have been fuelled by some 30-40 cups of coffee per day?

a-Coleridge                            b-Jean-Jacques Rousseau
c-Voltaire                               d-Samuel Johnson

3.Which coffee loving American President was said to have been the inspiration for Maxwell House's 'Good to the last drop' slogan?                                                       

a-Theodore Roosevelt           b-Herbert Hoover                                                                                                    c-Richard Nixon                    d-Jimmy Carter

4.Who decided that the perfect number of beans to make a cup of coffee was sixty, no more, no less?

a-Pablo Picasso                     b-Charles Dickens
c-Queen Victoria                   d-Ludwig van Beethoven

5.Which of the following famous films has its roots in a coffee habit?

a-The Wizard of Oz             b-Tarzan
c-Lord of the Rings             d-Mary Poppins

6.War is never a good time for securing quality provisions, but who was particularly fed up with the standard of the coffee?

a-Winston Churchill              b-Adolf Hitler
c- Stonewall Jackson             d-Abraham Lincoln

7.Which famous author preferred to drink coffee, claiming that tea tasted like mud?

a-Agatha Christie                b-Ian Fleming
c-P. G. Wodehouse              d-G. K. Chesterton

8.Finally, which action movie star said, 'Coffee is a language in itself '?

a-Bruce Willis                     b-Arnold Schwarzenegger
c-Jackie Chan                     d-Jean-Claude Van Damme

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