Kafevend is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of workplace refreshments & vending machines in the UK

We offer our customers a range of quality vending machines to meet your requirements delivering the leading brands of drinks, all underpinned by an unbeatable level of service.

In 2012, Kafevend moved into their new Head Office in Crawley.

The growth of the business had resulted in a need for expansion to a larger single new facility that enabled the business to bring together all the central functions under one roof.

In addition, the new building includes a large warehouse which allows Kafevend to hold stocks of all of our drinks and ancillary products, so that we can deliver an even better service to you.

We supply hot drinks, coffee vending machines, plus snack vending machines to over 11,000 companies across the UK.

Rapid Installation & Quality Service

Kafevend Vending Machine Engineer

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver and install your new machine within 7 working days and get your drinks supplies to you within just 3 working days. Our job is to make your life easy and ensure that you get the quality of drink you need for your business, when you need it.

Our dedicated customer service team are there to help from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and our online ordering facility lets you place your supplies orders whenever it's convenient to you.

Something for Everyone

Drinks Vending Machines for business

Whether you want a high quality drinks solution for your office, boardroom or reception, or a machine supplying the widest range of the most popular brands of drinks for your entire workforce, we have something that will deliver just what you need. In addition we can supply mains-fed water dispensers, snack, can and food machines for you to refill, keeping your costs to a minimum.

You can choose whether you charge your employees or visitors for their refreshments - you may decide to offer it free, make a nominal charge or make your machine totally self-financing. We'll give you all the help you need to choose the machine, the ideal menu and the pricing tariff that's best for your type and size of company.