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I don't think a Christmas has gone by during the couple of decades I've graced the earth when I haven't received a Terry's chocolate orange. They've been about as permanent in my life as my perpetually, tediously un-uniform handwriting (thank goodness for word processors, eh?). There are probably folk who have racked up a longer 'Terry's chocolate orange for Christmas streak' than myself- I wonder how long I can keep mine going?

Joseph Terry first worked as a chemist during the early 19th century. After marrying in 1823, he went into business with his wife's uncle, Robert Berry, who had been running a sweet shop for a little over half a century. Unfortunately their partnership did not last very long, as Berry died a few years later. Joseph Terry went into another partnership with his son George afterwards, and the business was renamed Terry & Berry. A few years later still, George left the business and it was  renamed again as Terry's of York.

The chocolate orange was released alongside the chocolate apple after the company, now under the control of Frank and Noel Terry, moved to a new factory known as The Chocolate Works in 1926. During WW2, the factory was requisitioned to produce and repair aircraft blades. Following the war, ongoing rationing and limited imports of cacao meant that the chocolate apple was dropped from the line in favour of the chocolate orange in 1954.

Terry's has since been merged into a number of groups, and most recently was part of the conglomerate Mondelēz International, once known as Kraft Foods. The Chocolate Works was closed in 2005, following a decision by Kraft Foods to move production to a number of other factories in Europe, but Terry's of York lives on in name, especially at Christmas!

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