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Those of you who were with us on Tuesday will know this week is a public service week here at the Kafevend blog, as we try to help you overcome the post Christmas and New Year slump. With tea covered earlier this week, today we are considering a few of the many herbal teas on offer and how they can help you get back on the wagon. Join us then as we examine chamomile, peppermint and rooibos!

Calming down

With all of the hectic goings on over Christmas and the New Year, you may well find your head spinning come the evening, and settling down with all that nonsense knocking around can be rather tricky. You might find that a cup of chamomile tea is just the thing you need to help you drop off. Chamomile has been used in a medical context for a very long time. The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks all used chamomile, both as a drink but also as a poultice. Whilst Chamomile has a whole range of touted benefits, the chief one that comes to people's minds over the years is its ability to serve as a sleep aid- why not give it a go if you're finding it hard to nod off?

Feeling fresh

Alongside the busyness of the season is a complete disregard for a moderate and healthy diet. There's not much need to worry, really, so long as the rest of your year sees you be a little more sensible. In the mean time, if your stomach is still giving you the message that you've been a bit of a glutton, peppermint tea is often used to reduce indigestion. Once again, the people of various ancient civilizations were aware of these properties, using mint for things like indigestion and bad breath, but it also came to symbolise hospitality and was used to scent rooms.

Red bush

Christmas and New Year are generally accompanied by alcohol, though hopefully not too much! If you want to give stimulants a miss for a while, caffeinated tea and coffee are likely to be off the menu as well. Thankfully there are tasty alternatives. Rooibos is a good caffeine free alternative if you want to avoid tea and coffee altogether. It has a great taste into the bargain that you may come to like more than those two! To accompany its lack of caffeine, rooibos contains an appreciable amount of vitamin C. Whilst the scientific community remains unconvinced of its effects on preventing colds, cardiovascular diseases or cancer, it will at least let you rest easy that you won't fall prey to scurvy in 2017, which is nice.

So there you have it; a bevy of brews to aid your coming weeks (and months) as you work off the excesses of the latest winter glut- we hope they help!

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