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Teapigs is a fairly new company in the UK, established less than ten years ago in November 2006. It was started by two people, Nick and Louise, who had both worked together in the tea industry before coming up with teapigs. The company sells high quality whole leaf tea (apart from their new matcha range), as they want to introduce more people in the UK to what they're missing out on when they buy the heavily processed stuff you find in your average teabag. They even have their own expert tea taster (Louise) to make sure they are selling the best the world's tea estates have to offer.

There are a wide range of teas on offer via their online store, including white, green, oolong and black as well as an accompanying selection of herbal teas such as rooibos and chamomile. The site includes a handy guide on these varieties, and overall does a great job of keeping things simple for you- the "tea I can have with milk" category will no doubt come in handy to newcomers. Their range is also available from stockists who like a good cuppa.

As you might expect with a high quality purveyor, lots of effort is put into keeping their business environmentally friendly and ethical. They work with the Rain forest Alliance to support sustainable farming practices, and cut down on waste packaging by using a variety of biodegradable and recyclable materials. They have also been raising funds for the Noel orphanage in Rwanda, which is located near to the Pfunda tea estate in the north west of the country.

If you enjoy your tea but want to keep a clear conscience, it seems you can't do much better than give teapigs a look!

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