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I am sure that for many, tea is mostly a dull if tasty affair, but it has been the subject of a number of weird and wondeful records, some of which I have gathered for you here:

-Corporal Stewart Hefti drank a cup of tea, whilst in a plane, doing loop the loops- fourteen in total. This was part of a fundraising drive called 'Brew for the few', raising money for RAF personnel and their families.

-The largest cup of tea ever made was a colossal 4000 litres in volume, produced by GlaxoSmithKline Beecham in Sri Lanka. The cup was 10 ft tall and 8ft wide, and heated using six 2000 watt heaters.

-The largest tea bag ever made weighed 120 kg, produced by All About Tea in Portsmouth, UK. The tea bag could make a potential 50,000 cups of tea. It was presented on HMS Warrior in Portsmouth harbour.

-The largest tea party ever held was in Nehru Staium in Indore, India. 32,681 people gathered and enjoyed tea provided by a team of around a thousand volunteers.

-The most cups of tea made in one hour stands at 496 cups of tea, a record set by Olly Murs of X factor renown and Alex Loughlin, who participated in the record setting attempt in order to raise awareness of his 'Meet the Street' campaign.

-The most expensive tea in the world is Da Hong Pao, harvested from tea trees that are over 350 years old. In 2002 and 2004, 20 grams of Da Hong Pao sold for $23,000 and $21,000 US respectively.

by Kafevend

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