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Tea in time for Christmas

December is now well and truly into double figures, Christmas is less than two weeks away and you're desperately trying to buy presents for those final few people on your list. Sound familiar? Don't despair- we're here to help! So make yourself a nice soothing cup of tea and if that sounds like a good idea, chances are it's something that other people would enjoy too. If there's a dedicated coffee drinker on your list, check out last week's Coffee in time for Christmas, but if that awkward to buy for person prefers tea, keep reading...

Keep calm and drink tea

All specialist tea companies create their own festive editions at this time of year, but before we look at some of this year's offerings, what is it about tea that's so soothing? Apart from anything else, the mere act of putting the kettle on and preparing the tea is a comforting social ritual, helping us to unwind and put things into perspective. With a lower caffeine content than coffee, tea can perk us up without inducing a jittery feeling and it's hydrating too. What better way to prepare someone for the drudgery of January than by setting them up with some quality tea.

Unwrap some tea

With a history stretching all the way back to the early 1700s, what Twinings doesn't know about tea isn't worth knowing! How about going for their 'Breakfast essentials gift bag' to kick start those cold, dark January mornings?

For someone who likes variety try English Tea Shop's Red Baubles selection pack. There's a mix of black, green and herbal teas each with a festive twist, such as 'Silent Night', an organic green tea with cinnamon, ginger, peppermint and rose petals.

As a present that's useful even after the tea is finished, look for tea presented in a caddy. Bettys of Betty's Café Tea Rooms fame offer a keepsake caddy filled with spiced Christmas tea, or there's Williamson Tea's wonderful elephant caddies; either choose your favourite elephant design, or if you can't decide which to go for, base your decision on the recipient's favourite type of tea.

Teapigs, a company dedicated in their mission to use only quality whole leaf teas in their products bring us their Super Christmas Cheeky bundle of six teas. This includes spiced winter red tea- a rooibos blended with orange peel, cloves and cinnamon to evoke a real Christmas atmosphere and the truly decadent sounding chocolate flake tea.

If you're looking for something a little unusual and money isn't an issue, visit the website of Scotland's Wee Tea Company. The company have their own tea plantation in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands and their smoked white tea has won awards at the prestigious Salon du Thé awards in Paris.

If you know the people left on your list enjoy their favourite brand of tea far too much for you to interfere, don't forget to consider the option of tea paraphernalia. A teapot or cup and saucer set will encourage them to make an occasion of brewing up. Whittard are a popular High Street name to start with.

Happy Christmas shopping- start getting those names ticked off your list!

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