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You can't go far these days without discovering another tea or coffee based business on the rise. Today's start up of choice is one that may be known to more than just the tea enthusiast, as the University of Liverpool students Philip and Omar made a successful appearance on Dragon's Den. The pair did well enough to impress three of the show's Dragons, but eventually chose to have Kelly Hoppen lend her support to their fledgling tea company. Originally named "The Box of T", after a box Omar brought back from a trip to Sri Lanka which the pair subsequently used to hold all their notes for ideas, their business has now adopted the new and more mysterious sounding name PHOM. It does however become somewhat less mysterious when you take a closer look at the pair's names!

Philip and Omar's intention with the company is to get more people drinking loose leaf tea, which will mean it comes as no surprise that the vast majority of their products come in fairly snazzy looking tea caddies as opposed to tea bags. Their tea is available from a selection of stockists, the biggest name being Selfridges, a deal secured thanks to the business connections of Kelly Hoppen. Aside from buying it on the High Street or in cafés, you can easily get your hands on the range from their website. You can easily navigate between a range including black, green and white teas, as well as various herbal and fruit teas, along with the brilliant malty rooibos. For those looking to stock a business of their own with PHOM tea, the duo are prepared to work with you to come up with a custom blend of your own.

Thankfully for our collective conscienses, all of the tea on offer from PHOM is ethically sourced. Philip and Omar travel the globe to try out potential new additions to their range from farms, all of which are backed by the Ethical Tea Partnership. The ETP is relatively new itself, having started seventeen years ago. Initially named the Tea Sourcing Partnership, it was put together by UK tea companies who were looking to improve the social and working conditions for the various people working in their supply chains. As the scheme took off, the scope of the project increased to both include companies from outside the UK and to also consider environmental issues.

Since 1997, the ETP has helped people throughout major tea growing regions to implement schemes and share knowledge that we here in the UK often take for granted. Farming practices, biodiversity, sustainability and the fair treatment of workers are just a few of the issues they have been working on over the past decade and a half to improve the lives of workers and the planet we have the good luck to live on.

So if you still have yet to find your favourite tea, or are just looking to try a new one, why not give PHOM a go?

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