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As the busy month of December begins most of us will have started the uphill task of Christmas shopping. Those of you who have it all bought, wrapped and labelled already can sit back smugly while lesser mortals confront the manic High Street, although nowadays it's just as common to be suffering from seasonal over exposure to Amazon and eBay, as it is to be feeling murderous in a long queue at Marks and Spencer!

Had you considered buying tea as a present for anyone this year? There are teas specially blended for the Yuletide season, which could be the perfect answer for that 'awkward to buy for' relative... as long as he or she likes tea obviously.

Twinings are offering three Christmas blends:
'Christmas Wishes'  is a caffeine free camomile tea blended with Rooibos and cinnamon, and infused with the flavour of pears.
'Christmas Cheer'  is an Assam tea blended with traditional Christmas spices.
'Christmas Thanks'  is another black tea blended with the flavour of Christmas cake.
They are also selling other popular teas in festive packaging.

Whittard are offering an extensive range of festive products as well as tea inspired by the flavours and aromas of the season:
'Spice Imperial Teabags'  take their inspiration from masala chai, with black tea infused with citrus and cloves.
'Festive Chai Teabags' aim to capture the flavours of festive baking with an infusion of fruit, spice and vanilla.

French company, Palais Des Thés, has a variety of teas in its N°25 range which are infused with citrus, almond and spices, and thus perfectly suited to the season. Especially blended to celebrate Christmas are:
'Thé N° 25 Chai'  which makes use of exotic spices to create a gingerbread experience.
'Thé N° 25 Noir'  combining orange, cinnamon, vanilla, rose and almond with black tea.

If you're tempted by the sound of Christmas tea yourself, why not add it to your Santa list!

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