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If I were to tell you there's a new E.U. Directive out that requires teabags to conform to a 6cm square dimension, you might feel aggrieved, particularly if you have a preference for Tetley or PG Tips. It might even be the straw that breaks the camel's back and tips you towards a vote for UKIP at the next opportunity. Alternatively, you might smile sardonically at my lame attempt at an April Fool's joke and you'd be right of course, so I won't bother to try and dupe you!

While the definitive origin of April Fool is disputed, pranks have been played on April 1st for at least a few hundred years. One of the most celebrated ever was the comparatively recent BBC spaghetti harvest hoax broadcast in 1957. Part of a Panorama programme and voiced over by Richard Dimbleby, plenty of gravitas was assured. The report purported to show Swiss workers harvesting spaghetti trees, which had enjoyed a bumper year due to a mild winter. Careful breeding to ensure uniform length was discussed and the sequence ended with a family enjoying a meal made from their very own home grown harvest. The BBC was inundated with calls, both from savvy types questioning the veracity of the report, but also from a good number of keen would-be spaghetti growers. In their defence it has to be noted that pasta wasn't the staple it now is in the UK. Do find it on the internet if you've missed out on it up 'til now!

Of course the first day of a new month often creeps up on us unaware, so it's all too easy to be duped by even the most hackneyed of jokes. In our house the tried and tested always involves a suddenly spotted spider on the victim's clothes, but to return to our original teabag theme, you might want to try doctoring the bag and replacing the tea with gravy granules, dried sage, oregano, or whatever likely looking item you have in your larder. Reseal by carefully stitching the opening with white thread. This will probably only work with someone first thing in the morning who hasn't yet got their glasses on or indeed all their faculties in gear, so file it away in your memory for next year and you'll be well ahead of the game!

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