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Having recently returned from the rugged North Devon coast, it seems the perfect opportunity to share something of the beauty of the area along with the wonderful tea break opportunities. This is not a place for a gentle stroll across an undulating landscape; it's a land of daunting angles where walking on a level surface soon becomes a distant memory and you discover muscles in your legs that are equally long forgotten. The sparkling azure of the sea on a clear day is offset by the purple heathers and the deep green pockets of trees clinging to the cliffs. Despite the visual rewards there's no denying that the walking is hard going and the tea rooms along the way offer some well earned refreshment and time to check on the progress of blisters!

Set between Woody Bay and the Valley of the Rocks is Tea Cottage. This picturesque tea room is  part of the Lee Abbey Estate, an ecumenical community that has been in existence since 1946. Tea Cottage is run by volunteers from the community each summer. There is some indoor seating, but on a dry day it's better to sit outside in the flower gardens, either in the warmth of the sun or the shade of a sheltering tree. A range of teas, coffees and cold drinks are on the menu, as are home made cakes and sandwiches that include a choice of beef, courtesy of the Estate's herd of cattle. For the sake of a guilt free hike past the aforementioned cows later on however, you might feel more comfortable opting for the cream tea. I can personally vouch for the tea, latte, flapjack and the Devon apple cake, spiced with cinnamon. The beef and horseradish sandwiches were good too – don't tell the cows!

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