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When hunting around for things to share via the blog, we often come across items and stories that, whilst interesting, don't quite fit into a full length post. Today then we are going to solve that problem by including a bunch of them together in a compilation- hopefully you will at least find one or two of them of interest!

First up is perhaps the most intriguing. Last saturday was World Poetry Day, put in place in 1999 by UNESCO. This year, an Austrian coffee company called Julius Meinl, first established in 1862, put their "#PayWithAPoem" into action. Some 1,100 cafés, bars and restaurants in 23 different countries were accepting a poem as a way to pay for a cup of coffee in an impressive display of valuing creativity over cash. In a way, it was a revival- if only for a day- of the coffee houses of old, when they were popular haunts for creative types looking for inspiration and bouncing ideas off one another. We are certainly looking forward to seeing something like this again!

We have written about the odd link between our love of tea and the national grid before on the blog, but last Friday's eclipse saw it put into action. Whilst many of us were able to view the eclipse- either through the special glasses that had been created or even by just using a couple of sheets of paper and a pin- many more were unable to due to the extensive cloud cover. The national grid registered a 2 gigawatt surge as an estimated 3.2 million people cursed the weather and went inside, switched on their TVs and kettles and watched Stargazing Live's rather excellent coverage from the comfort of their living room instead!

Over Christmas, we had a look at a number of different spirits that we all become quite partial to during the festive season, if only to add a kick to our coffee. In a few years we'll be able to add a new tea based liqueur to our coffee thanks to the work of Bacardi, who last week released "Tang" in China. The drink is made using green tea, by creating a sugary concentrate from the leaves that can be fermented. Tang is going for $260 (around £170) per 500 ml bottle. Bacardi's idea is to market it to restaurants in the country. If all goes well, they hope to release it globally within the next few years.

Last on our list is the news that PG Tips have decided to reduce the amount of tea in their tea bags by a seemingly insignificant 0.2 of a gram. However, it adds up to a rather more significant 7% of the tea you would normally find in an 80 bag pack. At first, it doesn't seem to be too big of an issue- many of us don't even use the things properly according to one survey, which reported that more than a third of us don't leave them to brew for long enough- but then, some people may well just want a weaker cup of tea. What might leave a bitter taste in customers' mouths is the fact that the despite the reduction in the amount of tea, the price is staying exactly the same!

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