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1- Lipton's is a top name where iced tea is concerned, but in which UK city did the company start up?

d- Glasgow: Sir Thomas Lipton opened his first grocery shop in Glasgow in 1871, but it wasn't until he had established a chain of some 300 stores right across the nation that he began to specialise in tea. Entering the tea trade in 1888, his first consignment of tea arrived in Glasgow in 1889. At the time tea was still a luxury item for many people, but Lipton bought his own tea plantation in Ceylon and then, having cut out the middle men, was able to offer tea for sale at a more affordable price, bringing it within the reach of the working class and thereby increasing his business still further. Lipton's iced tea was a much more recent venture with iced tea first bottled for the US convenience market in 1991. Its ensuing success meant that in time it has become a worldwide phenomenon.  

2- Bubble tea has begun to spread from Taiwan to other parts of the world, but what's the ingredient that gives the drink its bubbles?

b- tapioca: Bubble tea, also known as boba or pearl milk tea, contains chewy balls of tapioca. It started life in Taiwan in the 1980s as an iced tea with bubbles of tapioca, but has evolved to include creamy milk teas and a wide variety of fruit flavour teas too. It's generally served in a lidded cup with a wide capacity straw for sucking up those balls of tapioca!

3- When is the frappé said to have been invented?

a- 1957: The invention of the frappé is believed to have its origins in the 1957 International World Fair held in Greece at Thessaloniki. Dimitris Vakondios, a Nescafé rep was unable to find any hot water to brew his coffee during a break. Using a shaker to thoroughly mix some instant coffee, cold water and ice, he liked the result and must have known that it would have huge appeal on hot summer days. In Greece the drink is offered at three levels of sweetness: glykós – the sweetest version has a 2:1 ratio of sugar to coffee; in métrios it's 1:1 and for those who are sweet enough already there's skétos!

4- Which flavour of Robinson's Barley Water was the first to be produced?

c- lemon: Lemon Barley Water was devised in 1934 for players at Wimbledon and has maintained a close link with the top tennis tournament ever since. By the following year it was available for the rest of us to try. The second variation was Orange Barley Water, while flavours such as Summer Fruits, Apple and Pear and Pink Grapefruit are far more recent additions.

5- Ca phe sua da is a blend of coffee, sweetened condensed milk and ice, but which country came up with this tasty concoction?

b- Vietnam: Vietnamese iced coffee, or ca phe sua da, is made with strong, coarsely ground, dark roast coffee which is balanced by the sweetened condensed milk. Coffee is big business in Vietnam, which comes second only to Brazil as far as coffee production is concerned.

6- Which alcoholic spirit is key to Pimm's Nº1 Cup?

d- gin: Gin was, and still is, key to the original Pimm's drink, which was invented in the mid nineteenth century by James Pimm, a farmer's son from Kent. Having spent time being educated in Edinburgh, Pimm moved to London where he set up a chain of five restaurants and it was here that he developed the Nº1 Cup which remains a popular summer drink to this day.

7- Which mint is traditionally used to make a refreshing glass of Moroccan mint tea?

b- spearmint: Sweet mint tea is hugely popular in Morocco. In fact many people grow their own mint for a fresh and readily available supply. Green tea is used, usually gunpowder tea, and a fair amount of sugar is stirred in too. The tea is served in glasses rather than cups and saucers.

8- Mugicha is a popular thirst quenching tea in Japan, but what is it made from?

c- barley: Made from roasted barley, mugicha is generally served as a cold drink. It can be made from scratch with pearl barley, although there's no need to go to all that trouble in Japan, where mugicha teabags or ready made canned versions are widely available.

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