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1- Lipton's is a top name where iced tea is concerned, but in which UK city did the company start up?

a- London          b- Liverpool
c- Manchester    d- Glasgow

2- Bubble tea has begun to spread from Taiwan to other parts of the world, but what's the ingredient that gives the drink its bubbles?

a- semolina        b- tapioca
c- sago               d- rice

3- When is the frappé said to have been invented?

a- 1957               b- 1927
c- 1947               d- 1967

4- Which flavour of Robinson's Barley Water was the first to be produced?

a- orange             b- grapefruit
c- lemon              d- summer fruits

5- Ca phe sua da is a blend of coffee, sweetened condensed milk and ice, but which country came up with this tasty concoction?

a- Venezuela        b- Vietnam
c- Brazil               d- Malaysia

6- Which alcoholic spirit is key to Pimm's Nº1 Cup?

a- whisky             b- vodka
c- rum                  d- gin

7- Which mint is traditionally used to make a refreshing glass of Moroccan mint tea?

a- peppermint       b- spearmint
c- apple mint        d- orange mint

8- Mugicha is a popular thirst quenching tea in Japan, but what is it made from?

a- rice                   b- corn
c- barley               d- rye

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