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Question 1: Which popular High Street coffee chain offers the Frappuccino?
Answer C: Starbucks

It might surprise you to learn that the Frappuccino name wasn't actually the brainchild of someone at Starbucks, but belonged first to The Coffee Connection, a Massachusetts coffee shop chain. They used it for an iced coffee drink that they developed back in 1992. Then in 1994, when The coffee Connection sold their chain of cafés to Starbucks, the name was used for the drink we're familiar with today, which was invented by an employee at a Santa Monica branch of Starbucks. The ever growing range of Frappuccino flavours and opportunity to customise for personal preference keeps it a popular choice, especially in the heat of the summer.

Question 2: Which essential ingredient is added to coffee to make a Vietnamese iced coffee?
Answer A: Sweetened condensed milk

Cà phê sữa đá, to give Vietnamese iced coffee its proper name, literally translates as coffee, milk, ice. It's not just any old milk in this cooling homage to coffee though, it's sweetened condensed milk. The coarsely ground, dark roast Vietnamese coffee used to make the drink is very strong, so the sweet, thick  condensed milk complements it well. Seek out a Vietnamese coffee shop to be guaranteed an authentic flavour, or have a go yourself if you like experimenting in the kitchen!

Question 3:  Affogato is a popular Italian dessert containing coffee and ice cream, but what does affogato mean?
Answer C: Drowned

The full name for this dessert is affogato al caffè, meaning drowned in coffee and refers to a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream drowned in a rich and zingy shot of espresso, a beautifully simple combination that can be prepared as a winning summer dessert in very little time at all.

Question 4: In which Mediterranean country did the frappé originate?
Answer C: Greece

The frappé is a welcome refreshment on a sultry day and a significant element of Greek café culture. It is popularly believed to have been invented at the 1957 International World Fair, held at Thessaloniki. Dimitris Vakondios, who was employed by a Nestlé sales rep at the time, was unable to source any hot water during his break. In need of a refreshing cup of coffee, he combined instant coffee, cold water and ice in a shaker and created the prototype. Presumably he liked the result, shared his discovery and the rest, as they say, is history!

Question 5: Cold brew coffee must be left to brew for a minimum of how many hours?
Answer B: 12

Cold brew coffee requires patience. It must be left for at least 12 and up to 24 hours for the flavour to develop. Nevertheless, it's perfect as the basis for summer coffee drinks, not only because it's cold to start with, but also because it results in a smooth, non-bitter coffee, easy on the stomach for those who tend to find coffee too acidic. No special equipment is needed. A concentrated brew can be made in a cafetière, covered in cling film and left for 12 hours or so before being plunged. The cold coffee concentrate will then store in the fridge for a week or two, ready to dilute to taste.

Question 6: In which southern state of the USA could you get yourself a beautifully cool Mochasippi?
Answer B: Louisiana

The wonderfully named Mochasippi, hails not from Mississippi, but CC's Coffee Houses in Louisiana. The chain's first café opened in 1995 in New Orleans and needed a tasty way to deliver iced coffee in the high summer temperatures. The Mochasippi was the result.

Question 7: Tiramisu is a firm favourite as a chilled sweet, but what is the meaning of the espresso dessert's name?
Answer B: Pick me up

Tiramisu translates as 'lift me up' or 'pick me up' and this gorgeous dessert provides a two pronged boost with its strong espresso kick and alcoholic buzz provided by Marsala, the fortified wine that comes from the area around the Sicilian city of the same name.

We hope you enjoyed the quiz and may we wish you lots of iced coffee opportunities this summer. We're off on vacation this week and hope to frequent many a coffee shop and tea room ourselves - back with you anon!

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