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A few weeks back the Kafevend blog brought you some refreshing ideas for cooling down with tea, but of course there are some equally good iced coffee drinks and desserts out there. Here's a quiz to test your summer coffee know how. Any gaps will hopefully be plugged by tomorrow's answers. OK then, an obvious one first to ease you in!

Question 1: Which popular High Street coffee chain offers the popular Frappuccino?

A. Costa Coffee
B. Caffé Nero
C. Starbucks

Question 2: Which essential ingredient is added to coffee to make a Vietnamese iced coffee?

A. Sweetened condensed milk
B. Double cream
C. Ice cream

Question 3: Affogato is a popular Italian dessert containing coffee and ice cream, but what does affogato mean?

A. Clouded
B. Covered
C. Drowned

Question 4: In which Mediterranean country did the frappé originate?

A. Turkey
B. Italy
C. Greece        
Question 5: Cold brew coffee must be left to brew for a minimum of how many hours?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 16                                                                                                        

Question 6: In which southern state of the USA could you get yourself a wonderfully cool Mochasippi?

A. Florida
B. Louisiana
C. Mississippi                                                                                                    

Question 7: Tiramisu is a firm favourite as a chilled sweet, but what is the meaning of the espresso dessert's name?

A. Calm me down
B. Pick me up
C. Throw me out    

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